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Welcome to the Caribbean & Steel Drum music!


Oceanik is both the solo performer and the assembled group of musicians he surrounds himself with.  The man is Albert Albee Amoroso,  born in Trinidad and seemingly born to make music.  As an early member of the family band, he began playing the steel drums at the age of six, when he was so small he could curl up inside them. 

Albert Albee with the band ISLANDSIDE from New Hampshire.

 A child prodigy, he performed on Trinidad’s radio stations, including the popular Auntie Kay show, and with several well-known Caribbean island bands.   As its Director, he saw the school’s steel band featured in island panoramas and steel band music festivals.  In addition, Albert is still remembered in Trinidad and Tobago for his talent on traditional drums and his athletic skills on the soccer fields. 

A bold move

Albert eventually realized that his future was in the United States and bravely made the move to Boston in the 1970’s.  It wasn’t long before he was performing alongside many of New England’s great musicians, including M. Telewa and Westley Wirth on the bass…Bob Moses and Glen Grant on drums…Earl Appleton and Orville Wright on keyboards…and Fred Woodward on the guitar. 

And in the East Coast’s best known bands, including Island Side, Mighty Charge, Dub Station, and Jam Down.  Plus the popular band that Albert himself organized and made famous in the late 80’s:  Oceanik.

Oceanik’s sounds, including Albert’s vocals gathered a large, loyal following in New England from Boston to Maine, and further east through Philadelphia and all the way to Chicago.

Time to get warm again

In 2000, after several highly successful years in the region, Albert decided he had enough of the cold north and moved himself south to Florida, where Oceanik re-emerged as a solo act.  He is very happy with the decision, finding himself in demand by regional hotels, clubs, and party planners including the Bal Harbour Hotel, Loew’s Hotel (Miami), plus the Sheraton at Cypress Creek, Aruba’s Beach Café, and Pusser’s At The Beach – all in and around Fort Lauderdale. 

A spiritual, gentle man, Albert Albee Amoroso lives with his wife and two children in a quiet family community just west of Fort Lauderdale.


Two ways to reach Albert Albee Amoroso:  e-Mail 
  And by telephone in Fort Lauderdale at (954) 547-5260
or  (954) 649-2529

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